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May 2017

Berry Basket Pattern
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This is a basket I taught recently at Annandale House Museum in Tillsonburg ON. This basket was made in honour of Canada's 150th Brithday and is a replica of a basket that is in the collection at the Museum.

Berry Basket

Finished Basket Size: 6"L x 6"W x 7"H (not including handle)

Materials 1/2” Flat reed - weavers , /4" Flat oval reed– weavers, 5/8” flat reed – spokes, 1/4” flat reed—lashing, 3/8” flat reed-rim row, 6” round insert handle

1. Base:
From 5/8" Flat reed cut 10 spokes each 26". Soak briefly.
2. Make a pencil mark at the centre on the wrong (rough) side
3. Layout 5 long spokes horizontally (pencil marks up).
4. Weave in 1 center spoke vertically( pencil marks up).
5. Weave in 2 more spokes on each side of this center spoke. Line up the center marks.
6. Adjust base to measure approximately 6" x 6". Upset spokes.
7. Starting on one side of basket, weave 1 start/stop row using 1/3" reed, overlapping 4 spokes at end of each row.
8. Turn basket ¼ turn to start next and each following row. Use clothes pins at corners and to hold rows in place as needed.
9. Weave 5 more rows allowing basket to become rounded at corners.
10. Using ¼” flat oval weave 14 more rows in the same way
11. after weaving 3 rows with 1/4” flat oval insert handle on centre spokes on opposite sides of basket./ push handle all the way to base.
12. Fold and tuck the outside spokes.
13. Cut off the inside spokes.
14. Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat on inside and outside of basket. Notch of handle will be just under rim.
15. Hold all pieces in place with clothespins or cable ties.
16. Lash with 1/4" flat.
If you wish, use rows of dyed reed to accent your basket. materials and supplies available at
Decorate basket as you desire.
Always sign and date the bottom of your basket with a permanent marker.
supplies available at W. H. Baskets
Wanda Haydt

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