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These baskets or similar ones are available for purchase.
Email for information on availability and pricing of these or other custom baskets.

Baskets can be stained in several different shades--black walnut, walnut, maple, oak, golden oak, pine, early american or left natural

On most baskets, accent colours and decorative trim can be whatever you wish

Step Basket

Two Storey Basket

Small Sleigh Baskets

Rolling Pin Basket

Essentials Basket

Christmas Basket

Two Storey Basket

Mini Sleigh Basket

Bag Catcher Basket

Fancy Bottom Basket

Candle Basket

Feathered Bread Basket

Tiny Sleigh Basket

Magazine Basket

Carrying Basket

Doll Cradle

Carrying Basket

Antler Magazine Basket

Magazine Basket

Pocket Tote

Fancy Williamsburg Basket

Shaker Cheese Baskets

Tote Basket

Antler Basket

Classic Bike Baskets

Pot Luck Baskets

Grab N G0

Three Tier Baskets

Muffin Baskets

Cat Beds

Button Flower Basket

Berry Baskets

Peanut Baskets

Wall Baskets

Rolling Pin Baskets

Footed Clothespin Basket

Algonquin Shelf Baskets

Carrying Baskets

Indian Corn

Baskets with Seagrass Accents

Wine Baskets

Tote Baskets
Pictures Page 1 2 3

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